Financial Well-being

Counting the days to financial well-being

Financial success takes planning, persistence and time. There are small things we can do each day to achieve our financial goals and financial success. As an ECU Health team member, you have access to money management resources to help you.

Participate in Fidelity’s 30-day challenge to greater financial wellness

Visit Fidelity’s calendar for a link to each of the 30 sessions.

Here’s a brief overview by week.

  • Week 1: Covering the basics
  • Week 2: Helpful ways to manage debt
  • Week 3: Small steps that can lead to big progress
  • Week 4: Making the most of your money
  • Week 5: Keep making progress

Take a financial health check-up

  1. Take the Financial Health Check-up and find out where you are in achieving your financial goals.

    Your check-up report card shows how you scored in four categories: Budgeting, Debt Management, Savings and Financial Protection. It also outlines what you’re doing well and makes recommendations for improvement.

  2. Check out the resources that fit your current financial situation. They’ll help you plan the best path to reaching your financial goals.

Count the ways you are financially ready.

Take the Financial Health Check-up today.

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Fidelity Money Tips and Tools

Paycheck to Paycheck

Are you worried about covering your monthly expenses or juggling debt? If this sounds like you, these resources will help you manage your day-to-day finances. They outline steps for you to gain control of your money, prepare for the unexpected and make good financial decisions for the future.

Savings Builders

If you’re unsure how to best manage your personal finances, here’s advice from the experts. Learn the basics of money management through these courses. Then put this new knowledge to work and grow your savings and reduce your debt. Then you’ll be closer to buying that new car or home.

Priority Balancers

You’re juggling multiple financial priorities – not just routine expenses like braces but saving for your kids’ college and retirement too. Find out ways to grow your savings faster from the professionals. Here are tools to help you balance your many priorities, so you reach your short-term – and long-term financial goals.

Financially Established

You have a financial plan that’s working, but you want to be sure you’re maximizing your savings and protecting your wealth. These resources will help you fine-tune your plan, setting you up for your dream retirement.