Vision Plans

The Vision Care Plan is designed to encourage you to maintain your vision through regular exams and to help with expenses for prescription glasses and contact lenses. Your Vision Care Plan is administered by EyeMed. With this voluntary plan, you may use in or out-of-network providers, but the level of benefit is higher when you receive care from a network provider. A listing of network providers can be found at or by calling EyeMed directly at 844‑409‑3401.

Once your benefit is effective, visit for details.

Effective 2023, vision exams are no longer covered under the medical plan unless they are for a medically necessary treatment of the eye.

For more information, including plan limitations, exclusions, and discounted services; please refer to the Vision Care summary plan description by visiting Your provider will verify eligibility of benefits. Visit visit for details.

EyeMed Vision Basics — Lens Types & Options
EyeMed Vision Basics — A Routine Eye Exam

ECU Health Vision Plan

EyeMed Benefit Coverage In-Network Out-of-Network
Well Vision Exam

  • Focused on your eyes and overall wellness
  • Every calendar year
$20 copay Covered up to $44 retail

  • Every calendar year
Included in Prescription Glasses

  • $150 allowance
  • 20% off amount over your allowance
Covered up to $77 retail

  • Single vision, lined bifocal, and lined trifocal lenses
  • Every calendar year
$20 copay Covered up to $64 retail 1
Lens Option Scratch Coat: $13 copay | Ultraviolet coat $15 copay
Tints, solid, or gradients: $15 copay | Anti-reflective coat: $45 copay
Polycarbonate: $40 copay | High index 1.6: $55 copay
Photochromic: $75 copay
Contacts (instead of lenses)

  • Contact lens exam (fitting and evaluation)
  • Every calendar year
Fit & Follow Up

  • $25 copay (Standard)
  • $25 copay; 10% off retail price, then apply $40 allowance (Premium)

Contact Lenses

  • Conventional – 15% off balance over $150 allowance
  • Disposable – $150 allowance
Fit & Follow Up

  • Up to $40 reimbursement

Contact Lenses

  • Up to $100 reimbursement
Extra Savings and Discounts
  • 40% off additional pairs of glasses once funded benefit is used
  • 20% off any item not covered including non-prescription sunglasses
  • 15% discount on conventional lenses once funded benefit is used

Laser Vision Correction

  • Lasik or PRK from US Laser Network 15% off retail price or 5% off promotional price

40% off hearing exams and a low price guarantee on discount hearing aids

Discounts may not be available for out-of-network providers
  1. Single covered up to $34 retail; bifocal covered up to $48 retail; trifocal covered up to $64 retail